Verena TimbulVerena studied Human Sciences (BA) and Medical Anthropology (MSc) at the University of Oxford. Her area of research at Oxford was the Medicalisation of Wellbeing and she also published in the field of the Interface between Medical Anthropology and Ethnobotany.

Massage is an ancient technique, but the understanding of how this method can be applied to maximium benefit is advancing all the time. Equally, much older knowledge, at one time limited to small geographical sections of the world, is now being shared far more widely. Verena combines contemporary approaches developed in Switzerland and Germany with solutions that have been passed down for generations among Chinese communities from the Far East, coupled to her formal qualifications to practice – Diploma in Massage from ITEC and Deep Tissue and Trigger Point Massage Therapy certification from the Federation of Holistic Therapists.

Verena takes a multi-disciplinary approach to health and illness, looking at a range of factors to not simply provide short-term relief but address underlying causes to build the foundation for a healthy mind and body, so that clients can improve their overall health and wellbeing.